A startup creates revolutionary wireless charging systems that power everything from car interiors to consumer electronics to robots on the Moon

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Yank Technologies has shown that access to space and the right resources can drive tremendous growth in an energy startup.
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“There are not many other hardware based spaces for startups in New York City. Especially when you start to consider specialty labs. That kind of thing is very hard to find.”
Josh Yank
CEO, Yank Technologies, Inc.


Yank Technologies develops customizable wireless charging solutions in the automotive, industrial, and consumer sectors. Their safe solutions are helping to create the next generation of wireless power that can increase the productivity of energy-efficient solutions in factories, vehicles, and consumer devices, thus contributing to lower overall emissions in these sectors. Specifically, their technology removes the need for bundles of wires and helps: enable new features and functionality in next generation auto interiors, enhance productivity in factories through improved industrial robotics, and power consumer devices without contact.

The Challenge

Josh Yank first discovered Newlab through a connection of one of his advisors and quickly moved his company, Yank Technologies, into Newlab’s Brooklyn facility right as he was preparing to enter the automotive market. In order to customize his products for the specific needs of vehicle manufacturers, Yank Tech needed space to both experiment with and create customizable high powered wireless charging systems that were technically sophisticated and able to extend up to long ranges. Operating mostly out of New York City, Josh found it difficult to find space where he could access heavy machinery and test his component parts on actual cars, tractors, and other vehicles.

The Results

Upon moving to Newlab, Yank has taken full advantage of Newlab’s facilities and its access to piloting grounds in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. During Yank Technologies’ time at Newlab, they have successfully created innovative charging systems that are safe and scalable across an array of industrires. Using Newlab’s facilities, they’ve spread out and gained access to testing grounds that would otherwise be very difficult to find, bringing cars and tractors into the Navy Yard to test their technology in real conditions. Now, Josh and his team have transitioned from Newlab’s open floor into a private studio, allowing their team to grow while continuing to experiment with new prototypes as they expand their client base.

Quick Stats

The Pilot:

The Pilots:

Builds EV charging solutions, including a lamppost charger that utilizes street infrastructure.
Retrofitting streetlights in NYC with a user-supplied cord solution
The DOT team installed a streetlight in their facility lot in Queens, which was then retrofitted to affix a charge point to the streetlight pole. DOT staff visited the pilot to learn more about how the product works and provide feedback to the team on design and functionality. The team also issued a survey to NYC EV drivers to get a better understanding of their key concerns and unmet needs when it comes to charging their vehicles.

We also conducted pilots with:

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The Outcomes

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