Your tech can change the world. We get it there faster.

For deep tech startups building solutions in energy, mobility, and materials, Newlab is critical infrastructure to faster pilots, go-to-market strategies, and real-world impact.

We exist to support what our community creates so that the wider world can benefit.

Newlab's Venture Platform
There are 3 entry points to becoming a Newlab member: 

1. Community & labs membership

2. Piloting opportunities with
Industry Partners

3. Venture investment

STARTUP Membership at Newlab:

Our members create a vibrant community of deep tech entrepreneurs. 

The space and systems to scale:

  • Access all of our physical locations and 10+ deep tech labs all supported by Newlab techs.
  • Preferential rates to host company events in our event spaces.
  • Expand your global footprint without the hassle.
  • A beautiful home base with large open floor plans and high ceilings to host investors.

A community of shared vision, drive, and talent:

  • Community programming made for networking and focused on deep tech.
  • Sit near companies with similar challenges to share technical knowledge, suppliers, and wins.

Notable member exits and raises:

Amogy:$150M Series B at $600M Valuation in March, 2023
Launcher:Acquired by Vast in Feb, 2023
Snofox:$4.5M in Seed Funding in August, 2023
Honeybee Robotics:Acquired by Blue Origin in Jan 2022
Modern Meadow:Raised $150M Series C at $570M Valuation in April 2021
JUMP Bikes:Acquired by Uber for $140M in April 2018
WITHN Technologies:Acquired by Autodesk for $88M in June 2014
No items found.

Newlab Infrastructure:

Design-forward hubs built in innovation districts where founders can work, test, and pilot deep tech.

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Navy Yard

  • 84,000 square feet inside a renovated Navyship Hangar
  • Private wideband 5G / mmWave network & micro-grid
  • $5M in fabrication and lab equipment
    • Biolab
    • Metals and plastics workshop
    • Rapid prototyping lab
    • Electronics lab
    • Textiles lab
    • Paint and fume hood
  • 300+ acres of urban-industrial environment
  • Approved low-altitude drone flight testing
  • Direct waterway access
Detroit, MI

Michigan Central

  • 270,000 square feet in a historic Albert Kahn-designed building
  • 11,000 sf advanced prototyping, robotics, and fabrication workshops
  • Garage and industrial spaces for large-scale prototyping
  • 65k sf dedicated studio spaces, ranging from 500–9ksf
  • 30 acres of urban mobility piloting and fast-tracked permitting within a
    Transportation Innovation Zone
  • Proximity to key logistics and mobility corridor
  • A 200-seat event space, light-filled Exhibit Hall, and 2,000 sq ft Exhibit Space
  • A/V Content Studio, Fitness Center, Roofdeck
  • Network of Mobility Piloting Infrastructure, including:
    • Port of Monroe
    • Autonomous Vehicle Hub
    • EV Charging Hub
    • Low-run manufacturing space
Latu, Montevideo, Uruguay


  • Newlab’s innovation hub for LatAm
  • Embedded in Uruguay National Science Park
  • Access to Port Infrastructure
  • Grant funding to support pilots in Uruguay for entry to the LATAM market
  • Access to our entire member community via the Newlab Member Slack
  • Access to our talent network for hiring
“Newlab curates the companies you work around, and that’s been invaluable for us. We’ve been able to share suppliers and collaborate with other member companies to get to solutions faster.”
Justin Kosmides
Founder, Vela Bikes


Our 24/7 facilities boast over $5M of state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed by a team of experts specializing in diverse fields such as 3D printing, additive manufacturing, physical and digital fabrication, biodesign, and more.

We transcend conventional boundaries, embracing an accelerated journey of ideation and prototyping that seamlessly integrates design, engineering, science, fabrication, and manufacturing. We expose members to novel ideas and cutting-edge techniques and help them transform those concepts into manufacturable products, by providing comprehensive services, including design and fabrication consultations, modular curricula, and fabrication services.

Product Realization

Design, Prototyping, and Engineering Consultations

Our team of experts is available to dive into every aspect of design, prototyping, and fabrication. From aiding in product ideation and material selection to assessing product roadmaps and manufacturing plans, we offer valuable insights. We also provide technical advice on tool usage and application, tailoring our expertise to your specific product needs. 

Prototyping, fabrication, and 3d printing services

The Product Realization team leverages any tool within our facilities, customizing our approach to align with a member's objectives. Our in-house capabilities extend to:

  • Tight-tolerance machining
  • Multi-part assemblies
  • 3D modeling
  • Industrial-grade 3D printing, and everything in between

Whether engaging in collaborative processes or working from a drawing, our services are competitively priced, ensuring accessibility and excellence in product development.

Prototyping Facilities

Some of our members:

Aclima is pioneering an entirely new way to diagnose the health of our air and track climate-changing pollution. Powered by its network of roving and stationary sensors, Aclima maps air pollution and greenhouse gases at unprecedented scales and with block-by-block resolution.
Amogy is a global technology provider of carbon-free, high energy-density ammonia-to-power systems. It aims to enable the decarbonization of the hard-to-abate sectors, such as maritime shipping, power generation, and heavy-duty transportation.
CLIP is the world's first plug&play device to upgrade any bike into an e-bike in seconds and without the need for any tools.
Fermata Energy is a leading AI-driven Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) software platform services provider delivering bidirectional charging technology while enabling electric vehicle owners to earn revenue, increase energy resilience, and combat climate change.
Gradient's window heat pump is reimagining the HVAC industry by eliminating installer bottlenecks—it requires no professionals, no drilling, and no permitting.
It's Electric solves for the largest barrier cities face in the deployment of EV charging.
LIVAQ’s EQUAD all-electric ATV seeks to facilitate eco-friendly off-road experiences, establishing a connection between riders and their environment.
Quorum Bio uses synthetic biology to engineer plant probiotics that allow farmers to reduce their environmental footprint, achieve climate-resilience, and unlock higher yields.


We’re more powerful when we work together. Join our open calls to address the planet’s greatest challenges alongside industry, government, and entrepreneurs.

Member Spotlight:

“We came to Newlab without a product. Now we’ve run three pilots and announced our first carbon removal customer.”
Garrett Boudinot
Founder and CEO, Vycarb
“Newlab gave us real space. Real access. People here come together and solve problems together.”
Justin Kosmides
CEO & Co-founder, Vela Bikes
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