We erected Newlab from the ruins of a turn-of-the-century naval shipyard in Brooklyn because we knew that from adversity and diversity comes invention. And we saw the need for something new: A place for the people crazy enough to build hardware in NYC to find the tools, space, and community to supercharge their ambition and create a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable world.
↑ Today, Newlab is home to more than 250 deep tech startups and over 1,000 entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and optimists working together to address critical challenges in energy, mobility, and materials. We’ve built hundreds of thousands of square feet of physical infrastructure and secured dozens of square miles of dedicated test sites to prototype and pilot emerging tech under real-world conditions. We collaborate with leaders across industry and government with a new vision for technology-led economic development that drives meaningful progress for all.
↓ In early 2023, we opened our second headquarters in Detroit, MI as part of Ford’s billion-dollar mobility innovation district, transforming Albert Kahn’s abandoned post office-turned-book depository into a state-of-the-art center for mobility tech. Concurrently, we established a presence in Latin America through a public-private partnership with Mercado Libre, Globant, and the government of Uruguay, one of the most innovative and sustainable countries in the region, and the world.
Our expansion is fueled by a conviction, informed by years of observation and experience, that systems will prevail over siloes. That transcending the boundaries between industry and sector and geography and title will give us a fighting chance. Because the problems we face are too big and too complex for any one of us to solve. The size and speed of our collective impact are a direct result of the scale and interconnectedness of our network and infrastructure, and our ability to get things done in the physical world.
So think of us as a partner. A connector. A champion. A spark. If you have new and radical ideas about how technology can improve our lives, our cities, and our planet, join us.

Newlab Team

We are former founders, scientists, engineers, investors, and operators.
Now we use our expertise to decarbonize the economy and help our founders succeed faster.

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Join our team of mission-driven doers. Working at Newlab is an opportunity to collaborate with incredible founders, industry and government leaders, experts, and investors to support the next generation of deep tech solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

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