Sustainable, Quick Commerce Delivery Solutions in Uruguay and Latin America


Latin America's quick commerce sector is experiencing rapid growth, driven by increasing e-commerce demands and expectations for swift deliveries. This growth is accompanied by significant environmental concerns, particularly the CO2 emissions from delivery motorcycles that rely on internal combustion engines. These motorcycles, predominant in urban delivery operations across the region, emit high levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons, contributing disproportionately to urban air pollution.

In Uruguay, this issue is particularly pressing as many delivery riders use their own vehicles, presenting a unique opportunity for transformative change. Quantik, a leading Uruguayan tech integrator, is spearheading an initiative (in collaboration with Newlab's innovation ecosystem) to revolutionize the quick commerce delivery system — not just in Uruguay, but across Latin America. The project aims to introduce low-carbon form factors, such as electric vehicles and battery swap technologies, significantly enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of delivery services. As Uruguay positions itself as the initial testing ground, the successful implementation of these greener solutions is intended to set a precedent for expansion throughout the region, aligning with a global shift towards reducing carbon footprints in quick commerce.

Our Thesis

Opportunity Spaces

Electric Mobility and Battery Swap Technologies

Many delivery operations in LATAM still rely on motorcycles with internal combustion engines, which contribute significantly to urban pollution and carbon emissions. By developing and deploying electric motorcycles and efficient battery swapping stations, startups can help reduce the environmental impact of delivery services. Battery swapping technology allows for quick replacement of depleted batteries with charged ones, minimizing downtime and making electric vehicles more practical for continuous use such as delivery.

IoT and Advanced Telematics for Fleet Management

Optimizing delivery routes and reducing energy consumption are crucial for increasing the operational efficiency and sustainability of delivery fleets. Implementing IoT devices and advanced telematics can provide real-time data on vehicle performance, route optimization, and predictive maintenance. This technology can help fleet operators reduce unnecessary mileage and energy use, thus lowering operational costs and environmental impact.

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About the Partner(s)

Quantik is a leading technology group based in Uruguay, specializing in transforming organizations through innovative technological solutions. By synergizing a diverse group of tech companies, Quantik excels in creating superior connected experiences tailored to meet complex technical challenges. With a strong focus on human-centric and transformative strategies, Quantik is committed to driving business efficiency and adapting to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The group also upholds a commitment to sustainability, aiming to develop solutions that positively impact society and foster sustainable business practices.

Pilot Sites


A Network of Local Resources

  • Ongoing support from the Newlab team, Quantik, and a network of relevant stakeholders for integrating new technologies to enhance future waste diversion services and waste-derived products.
  • Access to sites, facilities, feedstock, and resources in Uruguay, including pilot design support, stakeholder introductions, and help with permitting processes.
  • Comprehensive research on Uruguay's materials, waste management landscape, and local markets, leveraging industry knowledge and expert advisors.

Long-Term Growth Opportunities

  • Strategic location in Uruguay as a gateway to Latin America, known for its manufacturing legacy, skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, and competitive tax incentives.
  • Opportunities for strategic partnerships with top players in the LATAM quick commerce market.
  • Potential for long-term collaboration and scaling across the region.


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