Latin America
November 9, 2023
Kristine Colosimo

Newlab Uruguay Presents Results for Innovation and Sustainability in LatAm

Newlab Uruguay showcased the innovation programs and pilots across Energy, Materials, and Mobility that we are working on with leading Latin American multinationals and startups in the region including Mercado Libre, Globant, Quantik and more.
María Eugenia Estenssoro, Argentine politician, journalist, and co-founder of Endeavor Argentina addresses the audience

Newlab’s annual Presentation of Results took place in Montevideo on November 1st, with over 80 attendees, including representatives from the local government, corporations, startups, and investors including Uruguay’s Minister of Industry, Omar Paganini. The conference showcased the innovation programs and pilots across Energy, Materials, and Mobility that Newlab is working on with leading Latin American multinationals and startups in the region.

About Newlab Uruguay

Newlab Uruguay was launched two years ago with the support of the Ministry of Industry, the Investigation and Innovation Agency (ANII), the National Technological Laboratories (LATU), Mercado Libre and Globant in order to foster innovation in this promising country. Uruguay is known for its political and economic stability and commitment to environmental policies - making it a perfect hub for innovation in Latin America. Almost 100% of Uruguay’s energy comes from renewable sources. This is Newlab’s first expansion outside of the United States.

Uruguay Innovation Hub

Newlab is working to grow the local startup ecosystem and connect startups with industry leaders to develop pilots for global challenges. These pilots derisk technology, identify critical investments for a sustainable future, help create blueprints to solve big-scale problems, and ultimately help founders get their technology to market faster. 

Sabrina Sauksteliskis, Executive Director of Uruguay Innovation Hub, took the stage to shed light on the government’s strategy to transform Uruguay into a world class technological hub and Newlab’s essential role in this. 

Applied Innovation Showcase

We heard from 4 of Newlab’s Industry partners in LatAm on their projects and pilots. 

Mercado Libre x Newlab on Sustainable Mobility

Ariel Katz, Environmental Head at Mercado Libre, gave details on the Sustainable Mobility Program Newlab is working on with Mercado Libre, the largest e-commerce, fintech, and logistics company in Latin America. Patricia Blanco, Country Lead at Mercado Libre Uruguay also spoke. The innovation program and pilots focus on decarbonizing Mercado Libre’s last mile delivery fleet, which operates from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. In a recent open call to entrepreneurs working on electrical vehicles and charging devices, Newlab received 120 proposals, 60% from startups in South America.

Globant x Newlab on Ethical AI

Juan Urthiague, CFO at Globant, one of the world’s leading technology companies with clients such as Google and Disney, presented the Ethical AI Program they are working on with Newlab. Pilots with multiple startups are already under way.

Quantik x Newlab on EV in Quick Commerce

Rafael Staricco, CEO of Quantik, a Uruguayan technology company, spoke about why he chose Newlab Uruguay to help accelerate the transition to EV motorcycles in quick commerce deliveries that must get to clients in less than 30 minutes. Quantik wants to create a business model that will allow independent drivers in Uruguay to  purchase or rent imported electric motorcycles with battery swapping devices and maintenance facilities. Once it proves the model in Uruguay with PediosYa, the largest delivery company in Latin America, Quantik hopes to scale it to the rest of the region. 

Digital Sense x Newlab on the Startup Experience

Alvaro Pardo, co-founder and CEO of Digital Sense, a Uruguayan deep tech company, took the stage to illustrate the benefits of Newlab’s ecosystem for startups. Pardo found a major opportunity through Newlab when he answered an open call for an Applied Innovation Program with Newlab partner Orsted, a global renewable energy company. Digital Sense’s pilot proposal was selected as the best solution to scan and map seabed obstacles with computer vision and other advanced technologies, ultimately to be installed in an offshore wind park.

Genba x Newlab on Warehouse Logistics

Another entrepreneur in Newlab’s ecosystem, Martín Sartori, co-founder and CEO at Genba, a robotics and industrial automation startup, worked with Newlab Uruguay on pilots that will automate deliveries and distribution of products in warehouses, increasing efficiency and lowering carbon footprint together with Grupo RAS (a multinational logistics company).

These collaborations with industry leaders and deep tech founders showcased real progress in addressing global challenges, promoting ethical AI, enhancing logistics, and advancing electric mobility.

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Latin America
Latin America
Newlab and Mercado Libre Drive Sustainable Mobility Innovation in Latin America
Newlab has partnered with Mercado Libre, one of the largest companies in Latin America, to decarbonize their operations and create a blueprint for the logistics industry.
Latin America
Uruguay Partners with Newlab to Build New Platform for Innovation
Uruguay’s Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining; ANII; and the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay are collaborating with Newlab and corporate partners to find solutions to critical societal issues and start new businesses that support the country's vision for a sustainable future.
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