Using ammonia as a carbon-free energy source for the hard-to-abate sectors

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Amogy’s revolutionary ammonia-to-power system is changing the present and the future of heavy duty transportation
  • $220M
    in capital raised
  • 3
    custom labs built at Newlab
  • 3
    technology pilots with large vehicles
“Making a hardware startup company is very challenging because you need the right facility and the right ecosystem. Newlab supported us to build up our facility’s infrastructure, which is the core of our IP. It’s also difficult to quickly pilot new technology in urban environments. We’ve been able to scale and pilot our technology at Newlab, using ammonia to power a drone, an industrial tractor, and a commercial truck.”
Seonghoon Woo
CEO and Co-Founder, Amogy


Founded in 2020, Amogy is on a mission to unlock the potential of ammonia as a clean energy source, accelerating the global journey to Net Zero and sustaining future generations. With a presence in Brooklyn, Houston, Norway, and Singapore, Amogy is developing fully-integrated ammonia-to-power systems to enable the decarbonization of the hard-to-abate sectors, such as shipping, power generation, and heavy duty transportation

The Challenge

In 2020, co-founder Seonghoon Woo began the process of finding a home for his new startup, Amogy. Woo and his co-founders knew that ammonia had great potential as a renewable fuel due to its high energy density, and their goal was to build the very first technological solution that would efficiently convert ammonia into power. This, however, made finding a workspace a challenge. In order to provide this technology to the market for the first time, Amogy needed custom labs in which they could test their technology, which involves cracking ammonia into hydrogen to produce power. They also needed to then be able to test and demonstrate their power system on various large vehicles. Woo needed to find a facility where he and his team of co-founders could build out this infrastructure, which would be critical to their growth potential.

The Results

After sending a cold email to Newlab in 2020, Amogy joined our Brooklyn Navy Yard facility and started its business at a single desk. Now, Amogy has grown to the point where they are occupying nearly 4000 square feet in the greater Newlab community. As an early-stage Newlab member, Amogy leveraged the vibrant startup community, lab space, and expertise available to rapidly scale from concept to commercialization.

Now, Woo has seen his vision grow into a Series B company, while making immense progress on his large scale goals. Amogy's ammonia-to-hydrogen onboard conversion technology is considered a groundbreaking zero-emission fuel source that has now been successfully piloted to power drones, tractors, long-haul trucks, and very soon, an ammonia-powered, zero-emission tugboat. Getting the first ammonia-powered vessel on the water signals a huge milestone in the larger journey to zero-emissions shipping, as ammonia is predicted to become the leading fuel source for the world’s giant cargo ships by 2050. What’s next? Amogy recently announced plans to move into its own 53,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Houston—a pivotal step in their journey to accelerate the global energy transition and revolutionize clean tech.

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The Outcomes

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