June 14, 2023

Resilient Energy Showcase Highlights New Distributed Energy Opportunities

Newlab, NYCEDC, and ConEd welcomed the energy storage community in New York to our event space.

On June 6th, Newlab, NYCEDC, and ConEd welcomed the energy storage community in New York to our event space, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to celebrate the progress of pilot projects conducted by five exceptional startup teams. The event began with an overview of how Newlab is working to advance urban energy storage by collaborating with startups to decarbonize the energy value chain in NYC.

Andrew Kimball, President & CEO at NYCEDC, and Daniel Murray, Chief of Haz Mat Operations at FDNY, delivered remarks that highlighted the dual challenges faced by the startup teams in unlocking new distributed energy opportunities while addressing safety concerns in densely populated urban environments.

Five standout startup teams from Urban Electric Power, WATTMORE, Orenda Power, ElectricFish, and Yotta Energy shared the remarkable progress, outcomes, and wins achieved through their respective pilot projects:

  • ElectricFish showcased the rapid installation of their 350² device, the company's patented, containerized battery storage-integrated DC Fast Charger, to expedite access to public charging and local grid resiliency at Floyd Bennett Field.
  • Orenda Power shared progress on their efforts to simulate large-scale energy storage systems in the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a model for future connected energy storage system development.
  • Urban Electric Power shared the latest updates on the design, construction and permitting of a first-of-kind modular, scalable, transportable, and made-in-NY zinc energy storage system for NYC applications, spanning temporary power to batteries in buildings.
  • WATTMORE complemented Urban Electric Power (UEP) by detailing how their innovative forecasting and energy management systems works alongside the UEP device and other systems across the industry to maximize the impact of energy storage and distributed energy resources.
  • Yotta Energy revealed updates on the company's SolarLEAF storage product, the first viable energy storage technology to directly integrate with solar modules on rooftops. Yotta is working to activate a demonstration project on a commercial waterfront rooftop in Manhattan.

After the presentations, guests had the opportunity to network, ask questions about, and discuss future energy storage pilot initiatives. As the culmination of two years of Resilient Energy Studio programming, the event was an optimistic endpoint, highlighting the achievements of the five startup teams and demonstrating the power of multi-stakeholder coalitions in advancing urban energy storage in NYC.

Focus On:

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A collaboration between New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), Con Edison, and Newlab, the Resilient Energy Studio cultivates local energy storage capacity by working with entrepreneurs, community organizations, energy experts, and leading industry stakeholders to advance energy storage for a sustainable urban future.
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