Leadership tEAM

Cameron Lawrence

CEO and Entrepreneur.
Previously: CFO at GNC, CEO at PNI Digital Media (acquired by Staples), Chief Operating and Financial Officer at Ondine Biomedical Inc., PwC.

Liz Keen
Strategic Growth

Tech Investor and Advisor.
Partner at ACME Capital. Previously: Silicon Foundry, Sherpa Capital, Conde Nast, Harrison & Shriftman.

Satish Rao
Applied Innovation

Scientist and Innovation leader.
Previously, Columbia Technology Ventures, NYC Media Lab, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Garrett Winther

Engineer, Investor, and Venture Builder. Previously: SOSV, HAX, IDEO, MIT and various startups.

Justin Massa

Entrepreneur and Revenue leader.
Previously: partner at IDEO, founder/CEO at Food Genius (acq: USFoods).

Kristine Colosimo
Brand and Marketing

Full-stack marketing leader.
Previously: built the corporate marketing function at Silicon Valley Unicorn, Workato, valued at $5.7B, and various startups.

Jarrod Scuglik

Entrepreneur and Finance leader. Experience building companies and veteran of the financial services industry. Previously: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan.

Dan Connell
Operations and Strategy

Operator, Builder, and Advisor.
Launched 3 startups, invested in 10. Previously: Founder in Residence at Antler, Early-Stage Investor at the Partnership Fund, Investment Banker at Raymond James.