Moving people and goods safely, seamlessly, and responsibly

Mobility accounts for 14% of global GHG emissions and relies more on fossil fuels than any other sector. Accelerating purpose-built urban infrastructure for electric vehicles and scaled adoption of sustainable fuels for heavy-duty transport and aviation.

Our startups are actively partnering with industry to pilot and scale frontier tech solutions at the intersection of electrification, logistics, sustainable fuels, and urban infrastructure.

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Mobility is a robotics and IoT company that helps people improve the way they live and work by enabling “everything” indoors to move effortlessly on smart wheels.
Cavnue combines Digital and Physical roadway infrastructure to enable the automated, safe, and efficient transportation of goods and people.
Michigan Mobility and Logistics is a technology company that provides mobility-as-a-service [MaaS] to consumers utilizing real-time technology.
SafeAI is a global autonomous solutions provider for heavy machinery. SafeAI enables off-highway equipment owners to convert existing fleets with retrofit autonomous technology, regardless of vehicle type or manufacturer.
Tubular Network is a clean tech materials handling company aiming to decarbonize the transportation of goods. We address the logistics inefficiencies in industrial and urban domains.
CLIP is the world's first plug&play device to upgrade any bike into an e-bike in seconds and without the need for any tools.
Vela Bikes is making micromobility and e-bikes beautiful by designing, engineering, producing, and programming their own bikes and the apps that connect to them.
Airspace Link is a leading USS focused on integrating drones into communities at scale through technology and data solutions.


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