Transitioning the world to abundant, sustainable energy systems

We believe the most critical pathways to decarbonize the world fall into three categories: Materials, Energy, and Mobility. The energy industry accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. 

Newlab is exploring new technologies that advance how we capture, use, and store energy as well as how we make those energy sources accessible to everyone. This includes but is not limited to: energy storage, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and technology that drives clean energy adoption. Advancement and adoption of these technologies will result in resilient energy systems running on renewable energy sources that can be accessed and used by everyone regardless of socioeconomic status or location. 

Open Calls:

We’re more powerful when we work together. Join our open calls to address the planet’s greatest challenges alongside industry, government, and entrepreneurs.


Aclima is pioneering an entirely new way to diagnose the health of our air and track climate-changing pollution. Powered by its network of roving and stationary sensors, Aclima maps air pollution and greenhouse gases at unprecedented scales and with block-by-block resolution.
Fermata Energy is a leading AI-driven Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) software platform services provider delivering bidirectional charging technology while enabling electric vehicle owners to earn revenue, increase energy resilience, and combat climate change.
Gradient's window heat pump is reimagining the HVAC industry by eliminating installer bottlenecks—it requires no professionals, no drilling, and no permitting.
It's Electric solves for the largest barrier cities face in the deployment of EV charging.
Pearl is a software-enabled home electrification concierge, founded to make home electrification frictionless for customers and profitable for installers.
Renovate Robotics deploys robotics for better, safer roofing, aiming to protect homes and accelerate solar deployment.
SnoFox provides a SaaS solution focused on increasing energy and operational efficiency for the cold supply chain with no additional hardware required.
Thalo Labs accurately measures, significantly reduces, and directly captures a building’s onsite greenhouse gases in real time.


More Stories:

Readying New York City for electric vehicle use at scale
NYC DOT worked with Newlab to further the city’s mission to install 10,000 curbside EV chargers by the year 2030
Verizon and Newlab partnered to support next-generation industry applications of 5G
Startups focusing on industrial automation, mobility, and energy leveraged Verizon’s 5G network and Newlab’s infrastructure to demo their products
A startup creates revolutionary wireless charging systems that power everything from car interiors to consumer electronics to robots on the Moon
Yank Technologies has shown that access to space and the right resources can drive tremendous growth in an energy startup.