New York City
September 25, 2019

Newlab, Microsoft and the City of New York Launch HE³AT, a STEAM Education Program for Brooklyn South High School Students

The new initiative aims to empower nearly 200 students to explore the societal impact of technology through project-based learning and mentorship by industry leaders. 

The new initiative aims to empower nearly 200 students to explore the societal impact of technology through project-based learning and mentorship by industry leaders. 

BROOKLYN, NY — September 25, 2019 — NewlabMicrosoft, the New York City Department of Education (DOE), and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) announced today the launch of the HE³AT Program, an advanced application of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts ad Mathematics) education for Brooklyn South public high school students. Over the 2019-2020 school year, 180 juniors and seniors will engage in place-based learning experiences at Newlab’s Navy Yard campus. The students will team up with peers from different schools who share their interests to explore the technology on healthcare, energy, education, environment and agriculture.  

Experts from relevant Newlab member companies—including Farmshelf10xBetaBlank TechnologiesTerreform ONEVoltaic and Shared_Studios—will provide mentorship and guidance to the student groups as they conduct their year-long projects. These projects will equip students with the skills to tackle unstructured problems that lack rules-based solutions and will encourage students to consider access and equity as a primary focus of their solutions. 

“This new HE³AT program will provide Brooklyn students with challenging instruction, hands-on opportunities, and exposure to invaluable mentorships and experiences,” said Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza. “Thank you to Newlab, Brooklyn Borough President Adams, Superintendent Prayor, Microsoft, and our other industry partners for launching this program as we work towards Equity and Excellence for All students.”

“We are thrilled to welcome the inaugural class of students into the HE³AT program,” said Shaun Stewart, CEO of Newlab. “At Newlab, we are not only committed to pioneering next-generation technologies, but also to inspiring the next generation of innovators. We are proud to partner with the NYC Department of Education and Economic Development Corporation on this first-of-its-kind program, through which we hope to empower students to define the future by pursuing their passions, cultivating new interests and opportunities, and connecting with a vibrant network of local entrepreneurs and technologists.”

Founded to inspire different approaches to teaching and learning in the local Brooklyn community, the HE³AT program aims to promote student collaboration at the communal and professional level by offering students from seven Brooklyn high schools the opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs and industry experts. By exposing students to cutting-edge technology and design across a diverse array of STEAM fields, the HE³AT program will encourage students to explore career pathways and develop new skills.

“We’re beyond excited to launch the HE³AT Program and support New York City’s next generation of innovators,” said NYCEDC President and CEO, James Patchett. “NYCEDC is committed to developing a strong workforce of the future, where students have access to the training and technology they need to create new solutions for ever-changing urban challenges. The HE³AT Program will provide nearly 200 high school students the tools they need to build their professional networks, and increases their exposure to technology through partnerships with innovative companies we’re growing right here at Newlab.”

”We are excited that students will have a unique opportunity to experience transdisciplinary practices through the HE³AT program, as they consider post-secondary options, while leveraging their ongoing involvement with NYC DOE’s instructional priorities which include AP for All, Computer Science for All, the hallmarks of advanced literacies, and My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)” said Superintendent Michael Prayor.

During on-site visits to Newlab, which will take place each month during the 2019-2020 school year, students will engage with principles of design thinking and human-centered design as they develop their HE³AT projects in cross-school teams. In addition, each student group will be paired with relevant Newlab member companies for project-based mentoring.

“We are honored to support the HE³AT Program because it is designed to prepare today’s students to thrive in the modern workforce on a number of levels,” said Jamie Harper, Vice President for Microsoft Education. “Not only are the participating students building their knowledge across STEAM subjects, but they are also developing the critical social-emotional skills they’ll need to succeed in future careers, skills like resilience, creativity, and problem-solving that will benefit them in any career they choose to pursue.”

“We believe inviting students to think creatively about the future, equipping them with the skills they need to pursue their vision and providing access to a network of engaged professionals is paramount to unlocking the potential of STEAM for the next generation, and it’s why we’re proud to support this program at Newlab,” said Amy Houston of the Thompson Family Foundation

“By investing in STEAM education, we are preparing our students to thrive in the 21st century economy.  I applaud Newlab and its city partners, NYCEDC and NYCDOE, for launching the HEAT Program, which will provide innovative learning opportunities for junior and senior high school students from seven Brooklyn high schools, including Abraham Lincoln High School and Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies in Coney Island. This initiative will expose students to real-life problem-solving skills through project-based learning, which will help prepare them to tackle the challenges of today, and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow,” said NYC Council Member Mark Treyger, Chair of the Committee on Education.

The HE³AT Program is the signature initiative of Newlab’s Education Program, powered by the Thompson Family Foundation, NYCEDC, and Brooklyn Community Foundation. Newlab’s Education program empowers the next generation through on-site educational programming, equipping students with skills they need to succeed and innovate across a variety of fields. To date, Newlab’s Education program has served a diverse range of students, over 1,800 students in total, from New York City.

Newlab, Microsoft, the DOE, and NYCEDC announced the HE³AT initiative at a launch event at Newlab’s flagship location in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Officials from Newlab, Microsoft, the DOE, and NYCEDC and students enrolled in the 2019-2020 HE³AT program were in attendance.

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