Increasing Textile Functionality and Circularity


The healthcare industry is undergoing critical changes to optimize the use of its capacity to serve more patients and allocate resources effectively for treatment and recovery. Hospitals need to address the pressing need to reduce the duration of hospitalizations and eliminate adverse effects, both within the hospital and at home. This problem underscores the urgency of rethinking a range of new at-home medical textiles enhanced with innovative technologies that can drive impactful changes on a larger scale.

Our Thesis

Opportunity Spaces

Advanced functional yarns

Advanced threads and fibers that enhance functionality for medical application. By leveraging advanced material science including passive indicators, functional coatings and other nano or biotechnology-based surface treatments.

Smart sensing fabrics

Exploring integration of smart textile sensors that are soft, flexible and can be woven or knitted on industrial machines and have proven medical or general wellness applications. Areas such as monitoring and detecting body changes,activity/movement, compression levels, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG and other vital signs are all of interest.

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We seek to pilot with startups working on impact-driven advancements within the identified focus areas. If you are developing a novel technology, product or service within one of these areas, learn more and apply today. If you are a technology company developing novel innovation and science that can address the opportunities above, we want to hear from you. We are open to working with technologies at any stage and encourage companies from adjacent industries to apply.

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Vertical Partners

Vertical Partners is a leading LATAM investment group that builds and capitalizes strategic partnerships to advance the future of manufacturing and retail. Beyond being an investment vehicle, Vertical Partners is an ally in knowledge, experience, and strategic solutions that seek to recognize the potential of technology in the Colombia/LATAM industry and identify new opportunities and strategic partners.


LEONISA is a global company with over 65 years of experience in women and men underwear, shapewear, swimwear, outerwear and sportswear manufacturing. As a vertically integrated family business, it has managed to become the number 1 brand in Latin America and has a direct presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia, making it an important retailer and commercial platform worldwide.

Besides the vertical integration, which allowed LEONISA to evolve to become a customer centric company, it is a well established digital multi-brand, multi-channel and multi-category business. With state-of-the-art technology and exclusive machinery, LEONISA manufactures 90% of its supplies and 100% of its products to guarantee the highest quality.

LEONISA is pioneering the digital transformation and tech adoption in its industry, while leveraging this to become 100% environmentally responsible. LEONISA is a socially inclusive global brand, committed to sustainability.

Pilot Sites


Investment & Exposure

Grant funding pool divided among participating companies to support pilot development and offset associated costs; no equity taken.

Pilot Design Support

  • Structured strategy and support from Newlab to advance your pilot concept and solicit feedback and input from key stakeholders to enable customer discovery, uncover technology requirements, meet compliance requirements and launch pilot projects.
  • Ongoing support from the Newlab team, Mercado Libre and a network of relevant stakeholders to navigate the integration of technologies that advance the future of low carbon logistics.
  • The project team will work closely with companies to determine appropriate sites, facilities, permits and timeframes for pilot projects in Latin America. We will work with startups to design pilot projects in detail and connect teams to potential partners based on commercialization progress, business model and go-to-market strategy.
  • Applicants will benefit from the project teams’ deep industry knowledge. Our team has mobility experience and local insight to provide intelligence around operational scenarios and potential for technology scale-up.

Community Membership & Newlab Infrastructure

  • Access to the Newlab flagship location in Brooklyn, NY and our new location in Detroit, MI with over $5M in on-site prototyping resources and product realization teams; over 300,000 sq ft industrial work space, and peer community of 250+ companies scaling transformative technology.
  • Engagement with leading industry, venture, and academic experts through curated programming and office hours.
  • Access to testbed infrastructure across Newlab pilot locations including the 300-acre Brooklyn Navy Yard, Detroit’s Michigan Central Campus, Uruguay and more.


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