May 21, 2024

Newlab announces 3 DOE Awards at their Inaugural Pilot Showcase

The event hosted nearly 200 industry/gov. leaders and hundreds more via livestream; highlighted the achievements of deep tech startups within Newlab's ecosystem.
Newlab's Pilot Showcase 2024 Recap

Newlab’s debut Pilot Showcase on May 7th, 2024 welcomed nearly 200 leaders from various sectors to Newlab Brooklyn and hundreds more via livestream. The event not only showcased the progress of deep tech startups that Newlab has worked with, but also marked a significant milestone with the announcement of three prestigious awards that Newlab was selected for from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Expanding Newlab’s Venture Platform to Louisiana 

At the event, Newlab announced their plans to implement innovation programs in the state of Louisiana supporting startups developing carbon management and clean hydrogen technologies. Louisiana is uniquely positioned to accelerate technology development and commercialization for the energy transition given the regional presence of incumbent industry, critical infrastructure, and workforce that are collectively required to scale critical climate technology tied to their economy. In partnership with Greater New Orleans, Inc., Newlab will leverage these innovation programs to establish its place-based venture platform in Louisiana to drive innovation-led economic development.

The programs are being launched through two recent U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funding opportunities that Newlab was awarded called the Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC). Newlab has been selected as a Phase 2 winner of the American-Made Direct Air Capture (DAC) Pre-Commercial Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC) Prize and a Phase 1 winner of the EPIC Round 3 Prize

Through these programs, Newlab will be working with several strategic industry partners in the region to  support startups developing technologies across a range of industrial decarbonization, carbon management and renewable energy focus areas.

Unlocking Renewable Energy’s Potential 

Long-duration energy storage (LDES) is crucial in the energy transition as it helps balance supply and demand for energy, ensuring a reliable and stable energy grid. This is particularly important for offshore wind energy, which is intermittent and can benefit from storage solutions to provide consistent power output during periods of low wind. Leveraging Newlab’s ongoing work with several LDES technologies in partnership with Ørtsed, Newlab has been awarded funding by The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity (OE) to accelerate pre-competitive Research & Development (R&D) for zinc-based long duration energy storage technologies. Newlab is partnering with Sandia National Laboratories to develop an R&D program focused on enabling high-capacity zinc utilization through electrode and electrolyte fundamentals. Zinc-based long-duration energy storage technologies are significant due to their potential for high energy density, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability, making them a promising solution for enhancing grid stability and supporting renewable energy integration. 

Newlab Pilot Showcase Programming

A key outcome of the Newlab Method is sparking meaningful connections that drive startup growth. The Newlab Pilot Showcase epitomized this approach, bringing together stakeholders from Industry and Government to witness firsthand the impact of Newlab’s pilot programs to drive technology commercialization.

Throughout the event, eight startups took the stage to share how these programs had propelled them closer to commercialization. The startups were divided into Newlab’s focus areas of mobility, energy, and materials. From Mythos AI and itselectric in mobility to Popwheels, ElectricFish, and Eden GeoPower in energy, and SOS Carbon, Vycarb, and Renovate Robotics in materials, each presentation underscored the practical outcomes of strategic partnerships and real-world testing.

David Hammer of Popwheels captured the essence of the day with his candid remark: “This pilot has taken us from being a ‘maybe’ business to a ‘this is going to happen’ business.” 

The event also featured insightful talks and panels led by esteemed figures such as Marisa Lago, U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Carolina Pluszczynski, COO of Michigan Central, and Elise Neel, Global Head of Strategy & Innovation at PanasonicWELL.

You can watch the event in full here >

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