August 8, 2019

Max Haot of Launcher Answers Four Questions for Founders

Max Haot of Launcher Answers Four Questions for Founders.

Launcher is an aerospace startup that produces hydrogen-alternative liquid oxygen (LOX) propulsion systems. In other words, 3D-printed rockets that can deliver small satellites into orbit at a fraction of the cost.

1. Why did you start Launcher? Do you remember the moment when you first thought of the idea?

This has been a lifelong quest – my interest in space exploration and immigration to the USA started at about 7 years old when I visited Cape Canaveral with my dad. In 2006, I was blown away that an internet entrepreneur (Elon Musk) was able to start a space business – this was my first SpaceX encounter. And then most recently, when my previous company (Livestream) was acquired, I had an opportunity to start something new that I had always dreamed of. We are lucky that there has never been a better time to start a space company due to the miniaturization of satellites and the general space investment climate.

2. How do you see Launcher impacting how we live our lives?

I believe space exploration is the only likely outcome for humanity in the long term. But short term, the satellites we will deliver will help make life on Earth better.

3. How have New York and Newlab positively impacted the development of your business?

Newlab has brought us partners, team members, and a great environment to work in and be inspired. We have the ability to build and test rockets just steps from Downtown Brooklyn. Not many places can offer that.

4. What do you see as your responsibility to make technology ethical and accessible to all?

My focus is on space exploration and using technology for peaceful purposes; to benefit society. If everyone operated that way, the world would be a much better place.

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