Newlab today announced the launch of its Open Call season, inviting the world’s leading entrepreneurs, engineers and inventors to submit applications to have their companies considered for participation in one of four Newlab Innovation Studios. Newlab’s Innovation Studios bring together Fortune 500 companies, civic leaders, and innovators to solve complex challenges across industry and society, and this year’s Innovation Studios will focus on opportunities for leveraging technology to address issues spanning 5G, accessibility, mining, and mobility.

Accepted applicants will work with Newlab to unlock new product capabilities, uncover use cases, and explore partnership opportunities with industry and civic leaders. They will also benefit from access to Newlab’s vast member community, robust corporate and investor network, grant funding, and press exposure, and—if accepted to Studios based at Newlab’s flagship Brooklyn Navy Yard location—more than $5M of on-site prototyping resources. Participation in a Newlab Innovation Studio is equity-free.

“Newlab’s Innovation Studios leverage the combined capabilities and resources of our community, our industry and civic partners, and trailblazing companies to address the world’s biggest challenges,” said Shaun Stewart, CEO of Newlab. “We’re excited to kick off 2021 with an open call season inviting companies across disciplines to apply to join our Innovation Studios, where they will have the opportunity to develop and pilot technologies with the potential to transform industries and society.”

Over the past two years, Newlab has spearheaded numerous Innovation Studios, including its inaugural Prospect Mining Studio, in partnership with mining conglomerate Vimson Group, which supported the development of technology addressing sustainability, safety, and efficiency challenges in the mining industry; the first edition of its 5G Studio, in collaboration with Verizon, which enabled its company cohort to leverage 5G in testing new technologies with industry applications spanning mobility, health, manufacturing and more; and two iterations of its Circular City Studio, which have focused on making cities more resilient and sustainable by piloting smart city technology in neighborhoods across New York City. 

Companies are invited to apply for participation in the following Innovation Studios; this page will be continually updated as new Open Calls are announced.

Mobility Studio

The Mobility Studio draws on Detroit’s legacy as the birthplace of the automobile industry, making it the perfect place for Newlab’s model of collaborative, diverse, and dynamic innovation. Led by Ford, Michigan Central, and Newlab, the Studio will help enable an electrified, connected, and autonomous future by building, testing, and launching new mobility concepts in collaboration with leading industry experts, entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors. To shape its future as an innovation capital redefining how people and goods move across cities, regions, and the world, Newlab will support the overall development of Michigan’s innovation ecosystem, helping local startups to stay, grow, and thrive there.

Applications are now closed.

NSIN Propel

NSIN Propel, in partnership with the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) and Decisive Point, enables the development of next-generation applications of emerging dual-use technology for government and defense. As a center of gravity for the Department of Defense (DoD) innovation community in the Mid-Atlantic region, the program supports early-stage ventures with commercial applications to develop practical acquisitions knowledge and capacity necessary for success in the federal market.

Applications are now closed.

5G Studio

Verizon and Newlab created the 5G Studio to support the development of next-generation applications that have the power to transform mobility, energy, automation, and to create the ecosystems of the future. In the first cohort in 2020, six companies leveraging 5G to address issues across health, mobility, manufacturing, and more were selected for their industry-transforming potential. Now entering its second year, the 5G Studio will select teams across disciplines to test their transformative technologies on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) at Newlab.

Applications are now closed.

Accessible Streets Studio

A collaboration between Michigan Central and Newlab, the Accessible Streets Studio focuses on making everyday life more navigable and creating opportunities for the residents of Detroit. The Studio, which will live within the Michigan Central innovation district in Corktown, aims to connect communities around Michigan Central Station by developing solutions to address mobility challenges and bridge accessibility gaps. The Studio will bring together Detroiters, civic stakeholders, startups, and industry experts to co-design high-impact, innovative solutions to address community needs in a meaningful and impactful manner.

Applications are now closed.

Prospect Mining Studio

Prospect Mining Studio, a partnership between Vimson Group and Newlab, supports top entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, and prominent researchers to advance the natural resource and mining industries. The Studio allows teams to build, pilot, and scale solutions that deliver efficiency and sustainability to the $1T mining industry. The program explores opportunities in prospecting and surveying, exploration, mine design and planning, closed-loop production, and mine closure and mitigation.

Applications are now closed.