Newlab studios bring together corporations, government agencies, and entrepreneurs to solve large-scale challenges. Each studio is designed to convene strategic ecosystems, identify and prioritize problem sets and support entrepreneurs, corporate and civic innovators to make real progress through the development, testing and piloting of emerging technologies, all while driving investment opportunities.

Prospect Mining Studio

Prospect Mining Studio supports start-ups of all stages, forward-thinking innovators and prominent researchers as they build, pilot, and scale frontier technologies that will advance the natural resource and mining industries with a focus on sustainable and socially responsible solutions. A catalyst for change in the industry, the studio is a partnership between leading Indian conglomerate, Vimson Group, and Newlab. Each 12-month program cycle brings together start-ups, entrepreneurs, mining industry experts, venture partners, and leading academics from across the globe to define challenges, prototype rapidly and implement pilots at mining sites, all while building efficiencies, and measuring impact.

If you are interested in partnering with Prospect Mining Studio, please contact us.

Newlab Farm 

Newlab Farm is a collaborative program to identify industry and societal needs and match them with a curated group of growth-stage startups, research groups, investors, domain experts, and select corporate partners to advance the future of agriculture. The curated group will convene to uncover key challenges facing the industry and ideate sector-specific problem sets, and prioritize focus areas that will inform technology development.

On Nov 4 and 5, Newlab and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) co-hosted the Smart Urban Food Systems Summit, which convened a group of 70 researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, data scientists, and urban planners. Read the recap here.

Perceptive AI Studio

Artificial Intelligence is the art of building machines that reproduce human intelligence. With roughly 60% of our brain dedicated to perception, AI is very much about artificial perception. In 2018, 60% of AI academic publications were about computer vision. We believe that artificial perception is at a turning point where new sensors, approaches, and data sources will soon create a Cambrian explosion of products and applications. We are creating the Perceptive AI Venture Studio to help generate these, now.

The Perceptive AI Studio will be led by Newlab Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Alexandre Winter. Read more about the venture studio here.