Newlab participated in SXSW's Creative Industries Exhibition, hosting daily live-streamed sessions featuring the Newlab leadership team, and member companies.

Newlab Overview

Featuring Shaun Stewart (CEO, Newlab), Lynn Fischer (Chief Marketing Officer, Newlab), Satish Rao (Chief Product Officer, Newlab)

In this session, the Newlab leadership team takes viewers through Newlab membership and studios, which bring together entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, and industry leaders to create sustainable solutions and enterprises.

Founder Feature | CLIP

Featuring Somnath Ray (CEO & Co-Founder, CLIP), Lynn Fischer (Chief Marketing Officer, Newlab)

Newlab member company, CLIP, is a portable consumer device designed to transform any of the world's 2 billion bicycles into pedal-assist e-bikes, instantly. Hear from CLIP co-founder, Somnath Ray, an award-winning mobility designer and technologist from MIT.

Return to Work

Featuring Girelle Guzman (Director, Membership & Operations, Newlab), Patrick Collins (CPO & Co-Founder, Norbert Health), Sean Petterson (CEO & Co-Founder, StrongArm Technologies)

Newlab launched the Return to Work Studio in response to COVID-19 and the challenges it poses for the workplace. The Studio is a live sandbox and pilot program for transformative technologies that help create a safe work environment for one and all. Hear from the founders of member companies, Norbert Health and StrongArm Technologies on how this was done at Newlab.

Founder Feature | 10xBeta

Featuring Marcel Botha (CEO, 10xBeta), Satish Rao (Chief Product Officer, Newlab)

Newlab member company, 10xBeta, is a product development firm creating future-shifting products where speed-to-market is paramount. 10xBeta focuses on consumer and enterprise electronics, medical devices, and specialized robotics projects. Hear CEO, Marcel Botha, speak about 10xBeta's recent initiatives, including Spiro Wave, a low-cost automatic resuscitator that helps hospitals expand their capacity to care for patients with critical ventilation needs.

Founder Feature | Aclima

Featuring Davida Herzl (CEO & Co-Founder, Aclima), Shaina Horowitz (VP of Products & Programs, Newlab)

Newlab member company, Aclima, deploys and manages region-wide sensor networks, integrating its mobile and stationary sensors to deliver air pollution and greenhouse gas data at unparalleled scale, resolution, quality, and reliability. In this session, CEO and Co-Founder, Davida Herz, discusses Aclima's recent pilot in Brooklyn through Newlab's Circular City Studio.

Corporate Innovation Through Collaboration with Entrepreneurs

Featuring Shaun Stewart (CEO, Newlab) and Alexandra Bacchus (Partnerships, Newlab)

Newlab solves the world’s biggest challenges by bringing our community of members together with leaders and experts across industries and cities. Hear from Newlab CEO, Shaun Stewart and Newlab Partnerships Manager, Alexandra Bacchus on how Newlab partners with Fortune 500s and civic leaders to effect real impact across industries and cities while delivering entrepreneurs opportunities to test their technologies and scaling their businesses.